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Becket Primary School

SEND Information Report

Click to view the full copy of Becket Primary School SEND Information Report 2019.

Becket Primary School is an inclusive school which celebrates diversity. We aim to “develop the full potential of every child to thrive in a changing world.” To achieve this vision we will:

Cherish: We value all members of our school community. We will treat every child as an individual and recognise that they are all starting their school life with different needs, cultures and attitudes.

Nurture: Whatever the starting point of each child, we will help them to grow and develop their skills academically and socially across a broad curriculum within a safe environment.

Thrive: As they progress through school, pupils will become insightful, resilient and independent learners who are able to self-regulate their behaviour so they can maximise opportunities for learning.

Achieve: Working in partnership with parents/carers, each child will make progress to achieve the highest level of understanding and skill of which they are capable.


www.derby.gov.uk/sendlocaloffer (see page 1)

www.derby.gov.uk/sendiass (see page 21)


This SEND Information Report describes Becket Primary’s “offer” for children with SEND. SEND stands for Special Educational Needs and/or Disability.

Please also refer to Becket Primary School SEND Policy and  “A Parents’/Carers’ Guide to Special Educational Needs at Becket Primary School” which summarises our “offer” (www.becket.derby.sch.uk)

Please also refer to the Derby City Council’s ‘Local Offer’ – an on-line hub providing guidance and advice on services for 0-25 year olds with special educational needs and disabilities are available in Derby. This can be found at www.derby.gov.uk/sendlocaloffer

The Code of Practice 2014 states that:

“A student has SEND where his/her learning difficulty or disability calls for special educational provision that is different from or additional to that normally available to children and young people of the same age.”

Approximately one in five children will have a SEND at some time during their school career. This means they may have difficulty with:

  •  Reading, writing, spelling, mathematics
  •  A speech or communication need. They might be struggling to make themselves understood (expressive language) or to understand others (receptive language)
  •  Organising themselves
  •  Coordination
  •  Sensory perception, sensory processing or physical mobility
  •  Managing their behaviour
  •  Making friends and/or relating to adults

These difficulties cause barriers to learning. Having a child with SEND can be worrying. At Becket we believe strongly that parents and carers have as much information as possible.

At Becket Primary School we aim to:

  •  Ensure a whole school approach
  •  Meet the needs of the whole child
  •  Remove barriers to learning
  •  Raise pupil self-esteem
  •  Build pupil confidence
  •  Develop pupil independence
  •  Provide a relevant tailored curriculum where necessary
  •  Work closely with parents and/or carers

Becket “continues to be good...School values embody the high-quality nurture and support which lie at the heart of your school. This ensures that your pupils feel cared for and provides a strong platform upon which to build for their future success. Your school is a very caring school, where pupils feel safe and every aspect of their personal development and welfare is given a high priority…Pupils clearly enjoy learning and speak with confidence and enthusiasm about how teachers make lessons interesting.” OFSTED, 2017.

Becket Primary School has twice been awarded the Inclusion Quality Mark (2014 – 2017 and 2017-2020).

All staff are trained in The Thrive Approach which is a developmental, trauma-sensitive approach to meeting the emotional and social needs of all children. Two staff are trained as Licensed Thrive Practitioners; in addition, the SENDCo is a Thrive Family Course Leader.   



This SEND Information Report is divided into 6 sections.

Section 1 explains what is meant by the Graduated Approach and Quality First Teaching which all children can access, including children who are Looked After by the Local Authority.

Sections 2-5 explain how at Becket, we meet the needs of children within the 4 areas of SEND:

  • - Communication and Interaction
  • - Cognition and Learning
  • - Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties
  • - Sensory and/or Physical Needs

Section 6 comprises Frequently Asked Questions.


SECTION 1: Quality First Teaching and the Graduated Approach



 SECTION 2: “My child has difficulties with Communication and Interaction.”



SECTION 3: “My child has difficulties with Learning and Thinking.”



SECTION 4: “My child has difficulties with their social and emotional development.”



 SECTION 5: "My child has Sensory and/or Physical Needs"



FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: What parents/carers want to know



 School Policies Related To The Information Above