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Becket Primary School


A variety of clubs are offered at Becket Primary School for the children, some take place after school and others during the day.    

Clubs that are currently running for Autumn Term 2021 are:

Day of the Week Time Year Group Club Teacher
Monday (starting 1st November) 3.30pm-4.15pm Year 6 Clarinet Club

Mrs Varley

Mrs Leafe

Tuesday 3.30pm-4.30pm Year 4 Mixed Football

Mr Chell

Miss Jones

Wednesday 3.30pm-4.30pm 5 and 6  Mixed Boys  & Girls Football

Mr Chell

Miss Jones

Thursday 3.30pm - 4.30pm 5 and 6 Girls Only Football

Mr Chell

Miss Jones

     Clubs which may run later on in the year:

  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Rugby
  • Library
  • Science

The range and type of clubs offered is reviewed regularly and changed meeting the requests of children and parents. Some clubs have a nominal charge if they are run by an external coach, some are free. All children are encouraged to attend clubs to broaden their experience and make a positive contribution to the school.

Sporting Fixtures        

Years 5 and 6 - 7 a-side Red League Football Fixtures





Week 2 - League


Monday 27th September


Roe Farm v Meadow Farm

Becket v Longmoor

St Joseph’s v Cherry Tree Hill

Parkview v Derwent


Week 3 – League


Monday 4th October


St Joseph’s v Parkview

Cherry Tree Hill v Derwent

Becket v  Meadow Farm

Roe Farm v Longmoor


Week 4 – League


Monday 11th October


Becket v Cherry Tree Hill

Parkview v Roe Farm

Meadow Farm v Derwent

St Joseph’s v  Longmoor


Week 7 - League


Monday 7th March


Becket v  Roe Farm

Meadow Farm v Cherry Tree Hill

Longmoor v  Parkview

Derwent v St Joseph’s


Week 8 – League


Monday 14th March



Meadow Farm v  St Joseph’s

Cherry Tree Hill v Roe Farm

Derwent v Longmoor

Parkview v Becket


Week 9 – League


Monday 21st March


Cherry Tree Hill v Parkview

Becket v Derwent

Roe Farm v St Joseph’s

Longmoor v Meadow Farm


Week 11 - League


Monday 4th April


Meadow Farm v Parkview

Derwent v Roe Farm

Longmoor v Cherry Tree Hill

St Joseph’s v Becket