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Becket Primary School

Our Staff

Extended Leadership team (ID 1313)


Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher: Mrs A Guest (Designated Safeguarding Lead, PSHE Leader, Pupil Premium)
Deputy Headteacher: Mr A Beattie (DDSL, SENCo, Spanish, Geography and History Leader)
Assistant Headteacher: Mr I Ridgway (Learning and Curriculum Lead/ English Leader)

Extended Leadership Team

Key Stage 2 Leader: Mrs E Stewart (KS2 Leader / Science Coordinator/EAL)
Key Stage 1 Leader: Mrs L Swaby (KS1 Leader / Computing Coordinator)
Early Years Leader Mrs A Dean (FS Leader/ EAL)

Class Teachers

Year 6: Miss M Aziz  (RE Coordinator)
Year 5:

Mrs C Arthurs (Maths Coordinator and Forest School Leader)

Mr I Ridgway (Reading/Writing Coordinator, Music Coordinator)

Year 4: Mrs E Stewart (Science Coordinator/KS2 EAL)
Year 3:

Mr M Godrich

Year 2:

Mrs L Swaby (Computing Coordinator)

Year 1: Mrs B Swords (Phonics/Art Coordinator)

Ms L Metcalfe

Mrs A Dean (Early Years Leader / FS and KS1 EAL)

Mrs E Ewing (Maternity Leave)


Ms J Cresswell

Mrs  A Dean (Early Years Leader / FS and KS1 EAL)

The Den:

Mrs K Wardle (D&T Coordinator)

Non Class Teachers

Key Stage 1 Teaching Support Mrs H Padda
Key Stage 2 Teacher Mrs D Watkins

Teaching Assistants

Year 6 

Mrs N Leafe

Mr J Leech

Year 5

Mrs B Walton (Mon - Wed)

Mrs L Halliwell (Mon - Wed)

Mrs A Lawrenson (Thurs - Fri)

Year 4

Mr M Chell (HLTA)

Miss L Pearson

Year 3 Mr B Allen
Year 2

Mrs A Roberts-Nichols

Mrs N Meehan

Year 1

Mrs A Coopearson


Miss K Walker

Miss B Lee


Mrs L Parker (Mon - Wed)

Mrs E Macdillen

Miss I Perry

The Den

Miss G Lowe

Miss S Gregory

Nurture Group Mrs K Walker

Office Staff & Caretaker

School Business Manager

Miss J Burley

Administrator/Attendance Officer

Mrs A Tooth

Site Manager

Mr P Moore

Mr M Tooth

Kitchen Staff

Catering Manager: Mrs G Harding    
Kitchen Assistants:          Mrs S Litchfield Mrs C Gee Miss B Dibba Mamburay


The number of employees who's gross salary exceeds £100,000 is nil.