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Becket Primary School


The History curriculum at Becket Primary School aims to develop pupils’ chronological understanding and provide opportunities for pupils to explore a range of periods of history through primary and secondary sources. Where realistic, connections are made to the local area.

Through enrichment opportunities, we aim to develop a knowledge and understanding of how people lived at specific times. Our intention is that pupils have an awareness of how society can learn from the past, how it influences our present and will shape our future.

Each year has a progression of skills: Chronological understanding, Knowledge and Interpretation and Historical Enquiry. As the children move through school they revisit, build upon and apply these to increasingly challenging historical questions. By the time they leave the children will have the knowledge of a range of topics with skills and attitudes to be curious historians.

Curriculum Implementation

History is a foundation subject within the Historical, Geographical and Social Understanding Area of learning. We follow the 2014 National Curriculum.  It is taught through topics where links are made with a range of other subjects and transferrable skills can be applied. These skills are specific to each year group and are built upon to ensure progression. Some topics begin with a Historical Key Question which is then explored and eventually answered once further questions have been investigated. History is predominantly taught in the afternoon in Key Stage 2 and in Key Stage 1 can be accessed and applied through continuous provision. Within the Foundation Stage History is taught with the Understanding the World strand (People and communities, The world and Technology). Children are encouraged to talk about past and present events in their own lives and the lives of family members. Where we can the interests and ideas of the children are followed and encouraged.

Pupils are exposed to a range of resources to support their historical development. These include artefacts, historic maps and photographs and online resources.

Children are exposed to primary sources where possible including enrichment activities provided by visitors to school. Each year group takes part in visits within their locality and further afield, making connections to their History topic.

Each pupil is given a summative comment on their end of year report indicating what they have been learning in history.