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Becket Primary School

Personal Development

Personal development at Becket Primary School is built upon the foundations of our school values: Be Kind, Work Hard, Be Respectful and Be Honest. These values underpin our school culture and every pupil’s daily school life.

We also actively promote and develop pupil’s understanding and appreciation for Fundamental British Values: Rule of Law, Democracy, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance.

Our personal development curriculum goes beyond the national curriculum. It offers unique learning experiences which provide students with enriched cultural capital. By offering a varied and diverse set of experiences, we help to prepare students for life in modern day Britain.

Our personal development curriculum provides significant opportunities for pupils to engage in the following key areas:

SMSC  PSHE and RSECharacter Development  British Values  Protected Characteristics


Please find an overview of the ways in which we promote and develop the Personal Development of children at Becket Primary School: 

smsc mapping.pdf


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